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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Foo Fighters Cover on Super Bowl

I didn't really watch the Super Bowl, but as I was flipping through channels, I came across the half-time show so I watched to see Prince. He had an awesome stage, with purple neon lights and a stage that had his trademark sign (I think when he used to be nameless). He had a marching band, and twin dancers. He had a silhouette, a similar technique used when U2 did the half-time show years ago (probably the best performance I've seen so far in a half-time show). Prince also had natural rain during his performance. But the highlight of the show was when he covered Best of You by the Foo Fighters. I thought it was awesome! I actually had goosebumps when he started playing his guitar rifs on the Foo cover coz he played it with so much passion, and under the rain! The pyrotechnics were spectacular that added to the grand Purple Rain finale. Al and I were watching intently, and our jaws dropped! We were actually impressed with the lightning effects. Check out a video here -


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