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Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Highlight of Them All

Al kept reminding me today to watch the Grammys (I totally forgot that it was even on). For the past years, I cared less about the Grammys (I dunno why, it should be called the Grannys, hehe). But when Al told me The Police were reuniting and opening at the award show, it was indeed a moment to watch. So we made sure we were watching the first part of the show.

As soon as they started playing, you can already tell that the song they were playing was Roxanne, and Al kept commenting on how old the members looked. They sound the same though, probably better than ever. It's like an episode of Bands Reunited, although at least on that VH-1 show, they played at least three songs. I was hoping for a medley, but much to my dismay, I only heard that one song. Sob. Nevertheless, it was a thrill to watch (the crowd was cheering ever so loudly) and Jamie Foxx prompted the audience to give it up to them one more time. Hopefully, they'll be touring, and I'll be watching (and get my Police fix).


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