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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

This must be the best valentines I've had so far. Very unexpected. I thought that since we've been together for so many years, there are no more surprises. But I was wrong.

I went home and Al was already there, in the kitchen. When I walked towards my laptop to turn it on, I saw a bundle of roses on top of it. I smiled. And then cracked up. I was so flattered and surprised by the flowers since I wasn't expecting it really, and then I laughed coz I guess he figured that the first thing I would do is to open my computer at home (which is usually my routine, unless I go to the restroom first, hehe).

Afterwards, we went to Orlo's at the Dolce Hayes Mansion where we had a delicious valentine's dinner. We weren't really planning on dinner, but we made last minute reservations just for kicks (and so we can experience a mansion dinner moment). Originally, we were planning on an overnight stay at the mansion that included breakfast, but we figured why not just have dinner (it was very close to our house, just 5 minutes away, so there was no point of sleeping over there, haha).

Dinner was nice, with candle lights, fresh roses on the table, a fireplace beside us, a piano at the back, and some chilled champagne to start. People were dressed up, and the ambiance was a little dim. Our waitress seems so out of it coz she kept bringing the wrong dishes to different tables, but she was funny though. We had a five course dinner, and you can check out our menu here. We both got the filet mignon, and the scallop was just soooo good! We also loved the lobster tails they served. And our favorite, the dessert sampler with three types of desserts! I love this dessert with a crispy crust and some cream on it. It was divine! We're definitely going to go back there for some spa action and maybe overnight stays. After dinner, we walked around the lobby, looking at old pictures of the Hayes family and their legacy, and wishing we had our wedding there. Out of curiousity, Al asked for a wedding packet and discovered their packages were expensive. Such a beautiful and historical place to hold the perfect wedding (if I were rich, hehe).

For the anti-valentine in you, they still have the annual pillow fight in Justin Herman Plaza in Embarcadero. Sounds like fun.


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