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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Latest Update on my Mom

While driving home from work today, I tried calling my mom, and oddly enough, my mom wasn't answering her cellphone. I tried calling home too, and she wasn't answering. I called my little sister hoping they were together and she wasn't answering. So this got me nervous. But I tried to get my mind off things. I continued driving.

Few minutes later, my little sister was calling and she told me mommy is in the hospital. I got really worried as soon as she said this. I called the hospital, and she was still in the emergency room. I talked to the nurse, and they said they had no idea when my mom was getting out, but that she's definitely staying overnight. Apparently, she was having chest pains, and they are still trying to discover if she had a heart attack or something else. Recently she also had surgery to prep her for dialysis. Tomorrow she will have an MRI (it was supposed to be today but the machine isbroken the nurse said). So I'm crossing fingers. I told them to connect me to my mom's room, and they put the phone close to her. When I talked to her, she was having shortness of breath and continuous chest pains, and this bothered me so much that I couldn't hold my tears. Please pray for her.

UPDATE - My mom is in the hospital. It's aleady Saturday and they're still checking her. I'm getting scared.


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