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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Awesome Music on Television Ads

I finally found the music for the Cadillac ad! Whoopie! Anyhoo, Al was guessing it was a Bowie tune (does sound like it), but it's actually a song by a group called Teddybears, and the song is called Punk Rocker. I think the song features Iggy Pop (no wonder the voice sounds familiar). Listen to it here.

As for the Target commercial, Al said the original singer of that song was the Beatles (Al's knowledge of music makes me fall for him even more, hehe). But when I researched further, I found out that the singer is Sophia Shorai. I'm still looking for the song, but I did find a YouTube posting of the ad. Check it out here.

UPDATE - I also found the Teddybears mp3 and downloaded it. Yey! You can listen to it on my radio blog on the right sidebar. I'm still on the hunt for the Hello Goodbye song. I can't find it anywhere! I did find the Beatles version though, but I want Sophia Shorai's version! Please help!


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