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Friday, February 02, 2007

Missing Non-Profit Involvement

So I've become corporate for so many years, mainly because I am in survival mode and I'm older now with a family and debt that needs to be paid, hehe. But my heart is still with non-profit causes, forever and ever. My recent conversation with my cousin in Wash town got me geared up in thinking back about my idealistic nature when I was a teenager. Last month, I've been visiting Bayanihan in SF every weekend to work on an Arkipelago site project, but meetings with other people also made me miss that grassroots environment because it is in my nature to help my community. Maybe I'll revive that spirit in me once again. Wish I can get people involved as well. It was nice seeing old peeps though.

On a side note, can someone please tell me what song is playing in the Cadillac commercial? I am loving that commercial! Other ads that interest me are the ones from Target (I swear that Hello Goodbye song reminds me of Julie Plug, hehe).

It's also a rainy Super Bowl weekend in Maimi. At work, I joined this Super Bowl Pool and signed my name up with one square. I'm not really watching, but Al will keep a watchful eye on the score in case I win (yep he's watching). I'm crossing my fingers. Oh yeah, did you guys see Prince on halftime? That was a good performance by him. I actually had goosebumps! That silhouette technique was kewl! And of course, he brought down the house with his guiter playing!

UPDATE - I lost the pool! Super Bowl is over and the score didn't match my prediction *sob* ...Oh, and an update on that "super proposal" that was supposed to happen during the game, I guess it didn't happen *double sob* ...I was hoping to see it, but I heard it might be shown on iFilm. Check out more details here. I'm wishing him best of luck. Such a romantic!


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As you, I was "amoured" with that Caddy song and thought it was a Bowie tune. I found out it is a tune from a band called "Teddybears" with Iggy Pop called "Punkrocker".

Here is a link I found with a free download to the song:



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