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Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Lovely Season to be Outdoors

I dunno if you guys noticed yet, but we're having wonderful weather. I never really appreciated nice, sunny weather until now. Seriously. I lived half of my life in DC where it's usually overcast and I loved it. But living in SJ gave me a different perspective. Anyway, I found a good read for the outdoorsy types (or not). If you want to explore the wonders of the Bay, check this out. We just might check out these areas in the following weekends (some we went to already) to take advantage of the wonderful weather we're having.

Nights are lovely too. We spent our Saturday night at D&B with family, playing with Camila and winning her a small Lizzie MacGuire stuff toy on my first play. She loved it. Anyhoo, Al and I played basketball, and I also spent a lot of time with my dear niece just playing. I was sweating just running after her (she is one hyper kid).

So today, after going to church and eating an excellent lunch at Sonoma (I was craving for chocolate fondue), we passed by the Children's Discovery Museum right next close by and started to miss Camila. We also wanted to check it out, so I called up my bro and asked if we can bring her there. He said yes, so we drove all the way to their place to bring Camila with us. This was the first time we attempted to bring her (without her parents) and we weren't sure if she was going to go with us without crying. As soon as we got there, Camila was excited to go with us, but at first she thought her parents were going so we kinda had to distract her (Abs pretended to give her money for ice cream). We drove to the museum only to find out that they were closed for the day. Bummer. But I suddenly remembered that there was a fair by Oakridge Mall so we went there instead. Right away, she pulled me to get her some cotton candy, and then we got tickets to ride the carousel. Her and Al rode it, while I took some pictures. They were so cute, and she enjoyed it that she wanted to ride again, but we told her to try another ride. We brought her to the ride where cars were going in circles (with kids her age) and she kept pointing at it, indicating that she wanted to ride it. We let her ride by herself (we thought she wouldn't do it) and she enjoyed it very much. Mind you, this is the first time she ever rode a ride by herself. After the ride, she saw some kids on a giant slide and she kept jumping, excited to do the same thing, although height measurements prevented her from doing so. We walked along the fair, and didn't find any other rides for her age, so we went in the mall to wash her hands and her face which was covered with so much candy. We also passed by Orange Julius because we got thirsty (Al and I were craving for a strawberry banana smoothie). I wanted to buy Camila some ice cream, but we decided not too since she had so much sugar already with all the candy she ate. Al asked the lady at OJ if she can just giver her a small cup of whipped cream. She loved it thinking it was ice cream, hehehe. Afterwards, we drove her home and spent the night watching Borat at Jep's place. That was some funny and extremely shocking movie, haha!


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