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Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Weird Weekend Cravings

Arghh! I dunno what's happening to me this weekend, but I'm having the weirdest craving trip! So far, I've been wanting certain things I haven't had for a while. First, I was craving for a caramel frappacino, and I'm not much of a coffee drinker. In fact, I try to avoid coffee. And then I started craving for the calamari dish at Sonoma Chicken Coop. Al and I just went there for that - yep, we just order calamari, haha. And right now I'm craving for some Munchos! This is my favorite potato snack of all time, and I could not find it anywhere! Believe me, all tried looking for it at all the 7-eleven stores that are near us, as well as other convenience stores. And he found nada! So I wonder if they they discontinued it, but when I checked the Frito-Lays website, they still have the product. I wonder if they still sell it in California. Oh, I hope it's just sold out. Anyhoo, It's been a while since I last ate a bag of those chips. But if I do get desperate, I found it on (hehe) and on Ebay. Right now, I guess I'll just settle for some good 'ol In n' Out french fries.

Today was nothing too special. I spent quality time with hubby. Just went to church and passed by Elegant Lace Bridal afterwards. I finally ordered this slate blue gown in dupioni silk that my friend wanted her entourage to wear (I'm the proxy, so not too official). This lady was very helpful, and after ordering, we walked around some more to look at other stuff (then I was reminiscing about the wedding again). Yesterday, I was reminiscing too coz we came from a friend's birthday party in Vallejo, and she showed me her wedding pics of me and Al. Her brother took the pics, and I found out that her bro is a professional photographer. No wonder the pics turned out nicely, some detail shots we didn't get from our own photographer. So you can only imagine how happy we were to see photos taken from a different perspective. We called up this guy to thank him personally. I found out that he also took some pics of the Pops and Martin wedding (yeah, for Pinoy peeps, ya know who they are). I uploaded the new pics in our wedding online album.

We ended today by watching a dvd of Me, You and Everyone We Know. This was a birthday gift from my bro (he also gave me Triplets of Belleville). Anyway, we thought the movie was soooo weird.

UPDATE - The next day, Al and I went to Seafood City to buy some danggit for champorado (this is our regular Sunday morning craving). While driving, Al had a movie in his head (I told him that we should make a digi short film in the future), and he had this excellent idea on his head. Subject matter? The search for Munchos! Hahaha! We had the scenes already played out in our minds and it was funny! Anyway, we passed by Target because my research lead me to a Munchos forum that mentioned that a product in that store tastes like Munchos. So I got excited. We bought two bags of the Archer Farm cris-cross chips, but I haven't tasted it yet. On our way home, we passed by a gas station (Al normally goes there for gas) and he found some Munchos! He quickly bought two bags and we ate it at night! Yes, we are bad, haha!


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