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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Justin's Real Time Reality

Interesting way to show your life via internet. A group of young entrepreneurs in San Francisco developed Justin TV, where you can see real time video of a certain Justin 24/7, and his life in eye-level view. The only problem I encountered with the site is a video server problem. As it became more popular, more people are connecting to it. Once it's full, I cannot access the live feed. But do check it out -

Yesterday, I met my old high school friend over dinner at Patio Filipino (I was craving for some crispy binagoongan). Anyway, it was nice to chat with her again, plus Patio finally had Paella! Everytime Al and I go there, Paella is never available. I guess our dinner was meant to be, hehe. At first I was tripping because I thought it was Good Friday (thus we had to avoid eating meat), but I was wrong, it was the following Friday. After dinner, we hung out at Starbucks in SB (I haven't been there for a long time - it used to be one of my fave spots). I also saw a Madeleine Peyroux CD, and I was contemplating on getting it for Al (as another late anniversary gift), but I changed my mind. I just had some juice, and my friend Anne had some coffee. We chatted the night away until she had to leave to go to her friend's band concert in SF.


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