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Monday, March 12, 2007

A Spring Clean Weekend

I guess it's about time! I finally got my butt off the couch and started cleaning the house. I wasn't feeling well (it's getting hot in SJ town, but it's still a beautiful day to be out). Al was at work, so instead of indulging in my usual internet addiction, I set my mind to turn off my laptop and not touch it for at least a day, hehe. I finished my usual site updates for my freelance stuff, then I started to throw clothes in the washer, fixed up the bed, took the broom and started sweeping (even under our bed, hehe). Found a lot of coins, empty boxes, empty bags, dirty fluffy slippers that I haven't seen for a while, and a lot of dust. Fromt he bedroom, I continued on to the living room, and then started folding clothes and throwing out garbage. It felt so liberating, and it felt good to have such a clean and organized environment (and that includes my closet, yipee!)

As soon as Al opened the door, he was surprised and happy! I meant to cook dinner before he got home, but I got so busy that I didn't get to do it. As my reward for all my hardwork, Al cooked champorado and danggit for dinner. Hahaha! it was good, but not dinner appropriate. I ain't complainin'!

Sunday was a lovely day, We went out to do our errands (and some shopping). Al got a haircut at Oakridge Mall. We also made a quick trip to Costco to buy more stuff. Al also had an errand so I went with him. Boring stuff, but it was a nice day to be with hubby. It feels like summer is in the air already.


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