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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thoughts of Vacation and Others

So everybody around me is going (or has been) on vacation. Recently, my bro just left for the Philippines. I wanna go! It's been a while since I last went there (my last vacation was in 1996). Anyhoo, he asked me what I wanted from there when they come back. I only requested what I always ask for - some Purefoods de lata! Hahaha! Well, I kinda told him to bring me some danggit too. Yes, I'm strange. I am liking danggit now (thanks to Al). I never eat those things before (well maybe coz my grandama conditioned me to not eat fish, and she pretty much announced it to everybody). Anyway, I like it, esp when it's crunchy. I also requested some tagalog flicks (the one with Juday, that Kasal movie, and the one shot in SF - was it I Will Always Love You, haha, coz my cuzins like that movie and when they rented it, I didn't get a chance to see it). Baduy ko noh?!?

Anyhoo, speaking of the Philippines, I just found out about a club called Fluxxe. It kinda reminded me Industria, a club I went to years ago in Manila, that had really cool crowd and great sounds. Fluxxe is this generations version, much like how Popscene is in SF. I think Fluxxe is on Thursday's too (not sure) but I've seen some pics, and it's pretty cool. Wish I was there to check it out (then again I am getting too old for this scene - I haven't been to Popscene for a while).

Since we're in the topic of my hometown, I also read about this channel called MYX (they have a Philippine version too) created by ABS-CBN. I guess they just launched their site, but I think the concept is cool. Lots of potential. Check it out at

Also, a Filipino tradition is the binyag. It's binyag season right now. This weekend, I am going to be godmother of my niece Rejinae. Al is the ninong too. And I just received an invite to Jessica's christening (my friend May's dear daughter). I also found out that I'll be her godmother. I am deeply touched. Oh and ya know Rejinae's getting lechon from us, hehehe. And hopefully, if Al can be off earlier, we can make it to Brandon's birthday (my friend Michelle's son).

After thinking of party food, I found myself wandering in DC, and into Toppings, a restaurant that served yummy sizzling plates (pork bbq on stick over java rice). Toppings almost became our first date back in the day. Al originally planned to bring me to a club called Heart of Europe, but since he couldn't find it, we ended up at Planet Hollywood in downtown SF to get some drinks, and then Hard Rock Cafe on Van Ness (yeah, two venues for a first date, and very spontaneous, cool eh?) Then we were going to go Toppings but I told Al I was calling it a day. So yeah, we both had our Toppings fix.

Also on my mind today - the SFIAAFF by CAAM, NCAA in SJ, hiking and camping, The Melting Pot, my boss' new baby boy, my cousin's graduation in June, and our trip to Seattle around that time.


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