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Friday, April 27, 2007

Go Warriors! Davis You Rock!

This was a good and exciting game, third game at the Oracle Arena, 1st playoff win in 13 years (hope I got this right), and the score is 2-1. Davis rocks, and so do the rest of the team. You can really tell that the Bay Area community gathered to cheer on the Bay Area team! Most attendance of a Warriors game, so they say. So Sunday, do yer thing! Oh btw, go Sharks too! Good luck teams!

Yes, today was a fun game. Anda good one with so many awesome plays. I was just nervous that Davis was going to foul out, but he didn't disappoint us. And he kept his cool. My friend Mo was just here last night to watch with us, and we ordered our fave crispy thin-crust bacon cheeseburger pizza with buffalo strips on the side (yes, my diet is bad). We were screaming that Al said maybe we should just watch it at a sports bar. Maybe tonight we're going to downtown SJ to watch the Sharks game. Hope they win to. Tomorrow, Al wanted to watch at Jep's (only if he's home though).

Other sports news - the NFL draft happened today and the Raiders pick was JaMarcus Russell, and the 49ers got Patrick Willis.

Today, I also received a cool 'save-the-date' from my friend Arlene. Thanks Arlene! It is the best save the date I've received so far. It had a cool design, and it was a magnet! Such a cool idea because all the save the dates I receive I put on our fridge. Can't wait to be at her wedding! Am so happy for you Ar!! Oh and thanks for the sympathy card too with 'extras' - ya know ya didn't have to but I really really appreciate it!

UPDATE - Game 6 was a good game. We drove over at Jep's to watch the game (they have a huge plasma that's why, hehehe). My cousin Mickey was there too to watch it. The Warriors finally win the first round of the playoffs, beating the number one team the Mavericks. Mark Cuban isn't happy, so is Avery. But millions of cheering fans in the Bay and probably in California are very very happy. The game brought out celebs like Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Jessica Alba, Carlos Santana, Snoop Dogg, and even Ronnie Lott was there. And yes, the Warriors proved Barkley wrong! Let's go Warriors!


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