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Monday, April 23, 2007

Mourning my Mom's Sudden Death

Al and I just got back from Wash town to mourn my mom's sudden death and help out family in organizing the prayers and the burial. As soon as we got home, we crashed on the bed. Anyhoo, there were some dramatic moments, as well as endearing moments. The most memorable was the anticipation of my younger brother's arrival. They were actually vacationing in the Philippines when my mom died. Good thing, their return flight was two days after my mom's death, which would give them enough time to make it to Wash town (or so they thought). Unfortunately, they got stranded in Japan for 8 hours I believe, and had a stop over at Hawaii, which prolonged their flight. They also had to take the earliest flight to Wash town as soon as they landed in SF. It was sort of an Amazing Race episode for them. They missed the funeral mass, seven o'clock prayers and viewing, but we requested that there would be a short viewing for Jep once the family arrives. Right after the funeral mass at church, they parked and was walking towards us with their sunglasses on as if it were in the movies (in slo mo). He was able to bless mommy with some holy water. We were so happy to see them.

There was a reception afterwards, and the whole family gathered in one long table to eat together. Then there was a short viewing for Jep, some tributes to mommy (where people were sharing happy moments with her), and then the burial. I actually talked to the crowd to give a funny tribute (how she was early at parties because she didn't want to eat left overs, how she's hip coz she likes her bling - and calls it bling bling - and how she doesn't want me to call her mommy as she grew older). It was a very very sad moment for us all, but at least mommy died peacefully.

What was even more endearing was the presence of people. The funeral home was packed, all seats were taken, and there were people standing at the back. It was a full house and I didn't know that this much people was going to pay their respects to my mom. I didn't even know she knew so much people in Wash town. Imagine how many more people she knew in California. I've received many condolences in Cali alone. The reception at the church's hall was also filled up. People brought lots of food (potluck) and I would think that more than one hundred people were there. The hall was filled up as well. I guess a lot of people do care about my mom, the most I've seen in a funeral.

Despite our sadness, crazy little girl Camila cheered us up. Here's a clip of our sudden trip -

Btw, thank you Anne and Dave for dropping us off at the airport. We really realy appreciate that. See ya Sunday!


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