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Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Easter Sunday Scare

It was a nice sunny day today, and Al and I woke up with the plan of spending quality time with each other, getting some Sunday brunch grub at the Fairmont Hotel, going to church on a lovely Easter Sunday, dinner at McCormick & Schmick, and watching either Blades of Glory or The Last Mimzy.

We went to our favorite cathedral for mass, and I was already feeling much pain while walking towards the church. The church was packed so we stood for a while, and the pains were throbbing while I was standing up. So Al tried to secure some chairs for us on the side, but even when I sat down, I had pinching pains at the back and on my right abdomen. At 'peace be with you', Al and I left the church because I cannot handle the pain anymore. At first, I thought it was just muscles (I've experienced this pain many times before, but only during the last year). Doctors at other hospitals told me it is muscle spasms so they usually give me muscle relaxants and pain relievers. The pain would disappear, but it keeps coming back. And it was painful than ever, so painful that I could barely stand or sit or walk.

During mass, Al rushed me to the emergency room, and at first the triage nurse thought I might have have a tubal pregnancy. When the doctor examined and interviewed me, he had a theory but he wanted to make sure so he ordered a lot of tests, tests that I never had before in my life (imagine my discomfort and my fear). His theory alone was scary. As soon as one of the test were completed, he cam back to me and said that they found an ovarian cyst. I was almost teary-eyed because of my uncertainty of what it was, and Al called my mom and relatives in Wash town to inform them of the news. You can tell that his voice was really shaky. I, on the other hand, was nervous. After a blood test, I had the longest wait ever in my life (believe me, this was longer than the loooong registration lines I had when I was in college - yeah, I guess I'm that old, I reached a time when registration wasn't online yet). Anyhoo. my mom talked to me for a while until the doctor came back with blood test results. I was glad to hear that my resuts were all normal. Whew!

Anyway, after discharge, Al got my medicine, and we went to Sonoma Chicken Coop for dinner instead. Then we decided to watch Blaze of Glory to get our mind off the cyst. It was sooo hilarious! You guys should watch it. I'm an official fan of Jon Heder. He has such good comedic timing. I wanted to watch another movie, but it was getting late. As soon as I got home, I tried to research on what I have. Anyhoo, I need to follow up with a doctor so I'll give you guys more updates. Please pray for me.


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