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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My First Day At Mansanas

Before I start with this entry, I just wanted to say that this is my 800th blog post to date. Whew! Yesterday, Mansanas wanted me to start in the afternoon, but Al and I had a doctor's appointment which we planned a month ago (so we really cannot miss this one). We woke up early to go to our doctor, and we had a good appointment (I am liking the doctor who saw us). She has advised me and scolded me a lot, referring me to a PCP and a nutritionist. Our appointment was a long one, lasting for a few hours (from 9 until 2pm). We also did a lot of testing that took longer (I also had to wait an extra two hours for one test). Anyhoo, after our appointment, I had to go to Pagitan Inc to return my badge, discount card and laptop, plus I have to get my presonal stuff and last check, and throw out my trash. As soon as I got there, I discovered I could not get in because my badge isn't working anymore. So I had to call my old peeps to let me in. As soon as I reached my desk, I saw a nice bouquet of pink roses with a card bidding me adieu. Such a nice gesture from my co-workers. Then we headed home (I crashed on the bed because I was sooo sleepy and tired).

So today was my official first day at Mansanas and I am liking it. I know some of my co-workers already, including my boss, because they were my colleagues at big O. Kewl eh? I got my badge right away, and I got a Powerbook G4 (yeah). So far, I'm in training, but I'm hoping to get my hands dirty soon. I am looooving the commute (so close) so I can wake up later. And I don't have to worry about parking either. Maybe Al and I can start carpooling as well. Btw, I already bought a logo mug as a souvenir of my employment there.

Also, after our trip to Seattle, and after my cousins and sis (and Al) kept urging me to buy a new phone, I finally did get a new one a day before starting work (since my old phone is ghetto, so to speak). I was gonna stick to my old phone until it breaks down (I loved it), but I got this now. Hello Moto.

UPDATE - So ends my first week at Mansanas and I'm loving it. I was nervous at first because I'm not a mac user, although this forces me to know more about it. Already, I am learning a lot about the products that Mansanas has to offer, as well as learning little shorcuts (some I already know) with the mac. I use a mac everyday at Pagitan because I have to view pages on Safari and take screenshots. I also used a mac to design and build webpages, print and flash files when I was in school. But that was a while back. Anyhoo, currently I'm happy to already build and edit some pages at Mansanas (yeah after my stint at Pagitan Inc, I haven't practiced my coding skills). My first week verdict? I *heart* Mansanas.


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