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Friday, April 13, 2007

On an Indie Music Hiatus

I'm not sure why I'm not liking the word "indie" anymore. I've been contemplating on changing my banner for a long time now, but I just don't have too much time to do that. Anyway, don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've been on an indie music hiatus for a while now (and I mean a long time). If you look at my playlist page, I haven't been updating it. And ever since we moved further away from San Francisco, we've stopped watching some good concerts that have been happening in the Bay Area. And plus we're getting old, hehehe, but nevertheless, we *heart* music. So Al and I were brainstorming on our picks, and while Al likes The Kooks and The Fratellis, here are my recent listens -

Klaxons - Golden Skans
CSS - Off the Hook
Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
The Horrors - Sheena is a Parasite
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (doesn't this just remind you of that SNL tune)

Check out some additions to my right side radio blog. Also, a couple of interesting upcoming concerts in the bay - Iggy Pop and the Stooges are in town, as well as The Horrors and CSS. The Police is sold out (denggit), and Coachella is coming up soon (here's the lineup). Too bad I didn't make it to SXSW but here's the huge, huge band list (just view it per day).


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