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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our 'Best of' List So Far

Al and I drove to Fremont tonight to meet our ol' wedding photographer and to pick up our magazine wedding album (finally) after 7 months! Then we ate dinner Gerry's Grill and we didn't like the food we ordered so we suddenly started talking about the best eats in the Bay Area (in our perspective). Check out our running list below and let us know what you think -

Best Fried Chicken - Max Fried Chicken (on El Camino in South City)
Best Sandwich - Little Lucca (on El Camino in South City)
Best Thai Food - Osha (in San Francisco)
Best Vietnamese Food - Tu Lan (on 6th St. in San Francisco)
Best Mais Con Yelo - Gerry's Grill (in Union City)
Best BBQ Ribs - Little Lou's (in Los Gatos)
Best Pork BBQ on Skewers - Grill outside Island Pacific (in Fremont)
Best Melon Juice - Goodah (in Fremont)
Best Philly Cheesesteak and Garlic Fries - Busters (in San Francisco)
Best Ice Cream - Mitchell's (in San Francisco)
Best Calamari - Sonoma Chicken Coop (in San Jose)
Best Cakes - Goldilocks (anywhere)
Best Silvanas - House of Silvana (in South City)
Best Hotdog - Fatt Dog (in San Francisco)
Best Buffalo Wings - Original Buffalo Wings (in San Bruno and San Carlos)
Best Fish & Chips - Picadilly Fish and Chips (on Polk St in San Francisco)
Best Indian Food - Naan n' Curry (in San Francisco)
Best Chinese Chicken Salad - China Delight (on Cottle in South San Jose)
Best Dimsum - King Wah (on Westlake in Daly City)
Best Beef Stew Over Rice - Lingnam (on Gellert in South City)
Best Hamburger - Burger Bistro (in San Francisco)
Best Sizzling Plates - Toppings (in South City)
Best Romantic Dinner - Top of the Mark (in San Francisco)
Best Pizza - Mountain Mike's or Amici's (anywhere)
Best French Fries - In n' Out (anywhere)

I'll add on to this list as we think of more places. Or it could change, ya know what I mean?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If ever your gonna make the "worst" list, I would suggest

Worst buffet restaurant - King buffet (Blossom Hill Rd.) -pwwwe!

6:24 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Ewwww, I am already cringing with just the thought of that place. Makes me want to puke! Blah! Hon, please let's not go there anymore.

12:59 AM


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