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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Conan O'Brien in San Francisco

I wasn't able to watch Late Night with Conan shows for the past days, but I was able to watch his funny bits on Of course, it's always a joy to have celebs shoot their shows here in SF, but Conan brought down the house. Too bad Al wasn't able to get tix. Conan went all over San Francisco, Lucasfilms, and Napa Valley. Check out the hilarious clips here -'Brien/travels/sanfrancisco_video.shtml

Finally, we were able to rent that tagalog movie I wanted to see on Netfix. Yes peeps, they have tagalog dvds on Netflix! Can you believe that?!? Yes Netflix is definitely on my list of cool sites. I was reluctant to sign up before since I don't usually watch many DVDs. But hey, they have a free trial so I checked it out. So I was able to rent I Will Always Love You, hahaha, staring Richard Gutierrez. Call it cheesy, but hey I just wanted to check out the bay area scenes. Funny, coz some scenes were shot in Redwood City (where they have the man-made lake), some in Union Square, and Palace of Fine Arts to name a few. Next on my Netflix queue? Thumbsucker with Keanu Reeves.


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