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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Quick Get-Away on Memorial Day

So how did we spend our Memorial Day holiday? I spent my Friday and Saturday catching up on freelance stuff (check out a newly-styled site). I also tried to burn all our videos into dvds (I have a plan for someone as a gift which I'll tell you guys next week - it might spoil the surprise if I mention it here). Oh, and Al and I were planning to see Shrek 3 but decided to watch Happy Feet on Pay-Per-View. Nice movie btw.

Also, we were planning on cleaning the house, catching up on chores, and organizing our files, but we also wanted to take advantage of our vacation. So Al and I set out to do the closest sea-side get-away - oh wait, not Santa Cruz or Half Moon Bay. Okay, maybe the next closest - the Monterey coast. It's bean awhile since we last went there, some with friends, other visits with the just the two of us (okay I'm reminiscing times when Al and I weren't married yet and we used to go there a couple of times). It was such a nice day in our city, but as usual cold and a bit overcast in Monterey. Our first stop was San Carlos beach just to catch a glimpse of kayaking peeps and families swimming in the water. Then we headed towards the wharf and historic Cannery Row, where we meant to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We took pics and vids around the area with trolleys, salsa musicians and dancers, craft and antique stores, restaurants and visitors. At the entrance, when we found out that the admission price was $25 each, we turned around and decided to do the 17-mile drive instead, hehehe.

We passed by Pacific Grove and American Tin Outlet stores, into historic downtown Monterey to stop for some gas before starting on our Pebble Beach drive to Carmel. We entered the gates, paid our entrance fee, and headed our way. Our first stop was Spanish Bay, but we drove along to reach Point Joe, China Rock and view the Restless Sea. The views were breathtaking as usual. We drove more towards the Bird Rock and I saw two squirrels hanging out on rocks by the water. I always thought they would live in trees, but they were there, part of Monterey's wildlife. One even stood up as if asking for some food like a little puppy. Then we drove along Seal Rock, but even if they covered the coast with green net walls, I could see through it and saw tons of seals resting by rocks. Too bad Al didn't get a chance to see it because he was driving and there were warning signs against stopping. Al said it's because they're preserving the area for seals to dwell in.

Then we went through the Crocker Grove forest, with beautiful cypress trees left and right, passing by the Lone Cypress. Too bad we didn't get a pic, although we did have one before on one of our past visits years ago. The end point was Pescadero Point, where you'll find the Ghost Tree and other bending trees. Again, it's dangerous terrain since rocks are loose therefore the presence of more warning and danger signs. We also passed by magnificent mansions by cliffs and the sea, and beach houses (I wonder where Clint Eastwood lives, but I do know he lives in Pebble Beach and used to be the mayor of Monterey or was it Carmel, I forgot). Then, we reached the Pebble Beach Golf Course area where they held the 100th US Open Tournament years ago and where a memorial stands. People were also stopping over for food at the Pebble Beach Market and filling up their cars with gas.

Finally, we made it to Carmel, went out of the end of the 17-mile drive gates, and turned right into Carmel by the Sea, another breathtaking view of a public beach with white sand and blue water, with families on their holiday picnics, flying kites, munching on junk food, getting their sun tan, walking their dog, and taking pics. We were planning to stroll along downtown Carmel and visit Carmel Mission, but we didn't want to get stuck at Carmel at night, plus we've been there before already. So we just drove along the plush and quaint downtown area, bought a birthday gift for my niece, Camila, at Sand City, and visited her at night. Btw, we got her a Dora doll that speaks, an Elmo alphabet coloring book with stickers, and a huge Cinderella card with glitters all over her. I think she was happy. Anyway, below is our vaction video at Monterey Peninsula -


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