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Monday, May 07, 2007

A Short Last-Minute Napa Trip

It was a georgeous day today, warm and sunny, perfect for a little get away. We meant to go to Napa Valley today to attend a time share presentation. Originally, we were also going to ride the Wine Train with luncheon, but decided to do it another weekend (or possibly the 4th of July). The presentation was long (the offers were tempting, but we decided not to get it, in exchange of free airfare and accomodation to San Diego, free wine tasting vouchers and some River Rock casino credit). We're glad we went, because there were a lot of changes in the downtown area since our last visit there which was years ago.

We drove by the historic downtown area for sightseeing, drove by highway 29 to look at the vineyards and visit Domaine Chandon vineyards (and buy some), and shop at outlets. Check out our video here -


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