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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Am I Feeling So Down Lately?

Hmmm, am not sure why I'm not myself lately. I've been feeling down and my only assumption is the change in weather (just kidding). I dunno, maybe coz I never really had time to mourn my mom's death, and I am feeling so burnt out. I have been lagging on tasks at home. I think I need a much needed break. Just to think things through. I've been having sleepless nights, and I also miss my mom. Maybe coz it was her birthday last week and she's not around anymore? Maybe coz it was Mother's Day two days ago and I couldn't talk to her anymore? Yeah maybe. Or maybe coz the Warriors lost against the Jazz today? Or maybe coz I haven't had a sugar fix for a long time (since I'm trying to avoid all the good stuff). Right now I'm sleepy (and dizzy)...


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