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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Music, a Movie, Some Shopping and a Funeral

'Twas a full day today, with us waking up early in the morning, rushing to make it to a funeral mass in SF. We made it to the lovely homily, and it was my first time at St. Michael's. Nice community church btw. After the mass, we all followed the car procession to Cypress Lawn for the burial. It was such a sad moment to see Ate Myrna six feet under. The Cornejo guys were all wearing barong which looked really nice. After the burial, we all went to Beijing Buffet for some grub care of the familia. It was nice to see some friends, as well as meet new peeps. Food is typical chinese food, but was very filling.

Afterwards, we were supposed to go to my bro's but no one was answering at home, so we just headed back. We both decided to get haircuts, go shopping at the mall, and watch Shrek 3. Funny movie. I think I stuffed myself with too much popcorn though.

Also, I was happy today (actually yesterday) because I found out that the medicine I was taking was effective, even though I was getting side effects (yuck). My mood got me into music mode. Although I am loving the new Muse CD and Lily Allen's Smile, I can't get these guys out of my head -


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