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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Movie About a Little Unknown Town

You guys have probably heard about the movie called Colma - The Musical. For those who don't know where Colma is, it's the small city next to San Francisco and Daly City (my opinion is that Colma is Daly City, except for the fact that it's the side where the cemeteries are). That's where lots of Filipinos reside as well, where Lucky Chances the casino can be found, where people can buy a car, where you can ride the BART, and where the first Old Navy flagship first opened its store. Colma is so tiny that people don't know it exists, and people just pass by it thinking it is Daly City when its not. I pretty much grew up next to Colma since I lived half of my life in Daly City, and met my hubby there too. I knew people who lived or lived close to Colma, and our second residence ever since coming to the US was blocks away from the city. Oh yeah, even the first Jollibee was just blocks away since there were so many Filipinos. Anyhoo, I haven't seen the movie yet but I am curious to see it since I already missed it at SFIAAFF. When I first heard about the movie, I didn't think it was about the little town. But when I checked out the site, I was surprised to learn that it was indeed about Colma, that little town in the Peninsula. So triple cheers for the yey area! Btw, they are now showing the movie at the Embarcadero Cinemas. We might check it out this weekend!

Speaking of Colma, my friend's sis is buried in one of the cemeteries there. Al and I just came from a 40-day mass and prayer for her at my friend's house. I picked up Al from work and then headed straight there. Please say a prayer for Ate Myrna. May she rest in peace.


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