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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Concerts for 2007

So I missed Coachella, BFD, and other festivals. Most of the bands in their line-up are bands that we've seen already before anyway (or at least the ones we like). Some of my co-workers at Mansanas took the day off to go to Coachella. Doesn't mean the bands I like won't be back in SF for another round of tours. I'm just glad that we're back to enjoy the summer with the upcoming Stern Grove fest (oki, I'm kidding, but Al and I used to go to there for free concerts when we were dating back in the day). We actually saw a good band lately at Neumos to get my mind off things. The band was CSS, whose Alala and Off the Hook songs I love. I just found out that the lead singer Lovefoxxx is Japanese/German/Brazilian (but for the most part, she looks Japanese, and that they are a cool Brazilian band with a lot of buzz. The concert was intense (we brought along my little sis Pia, cousin Diane, and cousin Mickey since it was an all-ages show. The opening act was a guy named Busdriver who rapped the night away! Overall, the show was fun, although I had ringing in my ears afterwards (I forgot to put on some earplugs). It was a fun night.

Btw, we missed The Pipettes and The Horrors in SF, but we did manage to buy Klaxons tix at Great American Music Hall and we're psyched to see them! I also heard that Klaxons lead is dating Lovefoxxx. Is this true? Hmmm... Al also said that I look like Lovefoxxx (yeah sure, or maybe 10 years ago?) Here's a clip of the CSS concert we saw recently. The band did an awesome cover of L7's Pretend We're Dead song -


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