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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Tour of the Seattle Underground

Way to start off summer! Here is a video of our recent tour of Seattle's underground and original city. After hearing the stories from tour guides, it's interesting to know that Seattle once had the original city below Pioneer Square. We also brought along my cousin Mickey and it was his first time in Seattle so he was pretty psyched. He also heard that certain areas were haunted which he likes. We also visited EMP, Space Needle, Pike Place and the first Starbucks (yes the touristy places). We also learned more about Seattle's crapper history (it's funny if you hear the story). But the highlight of our city tour was a concert at Neumos (aside from Al finally purchasing the Wii after a long and tiring search in Wash town). I'll add in my cousins graduation video and santacruzan as soon as I'm done editing and uploading. Check out the first part of our video -


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