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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Watching a Promising Vlogger Star

Since I have some bandwidth (until tomorrow), I've been catching up on my web surfing, hehehe. Anyway, I came across this vlogger and pretty pinay named Christine who does hilarious Filipino dialogues and characters. She must be an actress from New York trying to break in the industry (I'm just assuming). Anyway, her handle and production company is called Happy Slip (when you watch the videos, you'll know why, and I thought it was quite clever and funny). From her I learned that YouTubers are all meeting up in New York City on 777 (my friend's wedding date). Wish I was in new York to check it out. In the meantime, her Boypren video is getting huge hits on YouTube. I particularly like her Peelings video where she makes references to Vicks (pronounced b-eeeks), plays an aunt who forces her daughter to play the piano, while the daughter plays Fur Elise, the eternal piano piece. Hilarious stuff! Check it out -

So I subscribed to her vlog since she cracked me up. And if you're curious to see an interview of Christine and how the name Happy Slip came about, check this out -

Also on internet media news, I discovered this awesome site where you can watch videos (thanks to my cousin who recommended it to me). I am really enjoying it a lot and it keeps me preoccupied during my short break. Anyway, it's joox time!


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