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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Colma: The Musical is Back!

Al and I finally saw Colma after missing it last year. It was nice to see landmarks of the cities I grew up in (and where Al and I spent most of our pre-marital time). My younger brother Jeff and I used to live on St Francis Blvd which was just behind Westmoor and where Al and I spent most of our time together. Though we were both born in San Francisco, we called Daly City our home. We also lived most of our teenage lives on Top of the Hill which is steps away from Colma. Looks like some of the neighborhoods in the movie were shot at St Francis. And I remember that long staircase in the movie coz I used to climb it before when I was in my early 20's (when I jogged the tracks). Some jogger also tried asking me out while jogging on those tracks, hahaha. I also bought my first car ever at Colma (yep, it's my old red Honda Civic). Here are some lyrics to a song in the movie. It's funny if you think about it - who ever writes a song about Serramonte?

I trace the lines and find upon me; Find my way into Serramonte ...
Colma stays next to Daly City
object of ridicule and pity

Also, at one point in our married lives, we also lived in a house across Westmoor (just across the tracks). Anyway, I was nostalgic of the fun and crazy (and I mean crazy times) I had in Daly City and San Francisco. And when I went to SFSU, I lived by Westlake and always told people that SF is just "5 minutes away" just like in the movie. Funny. Other references included the fog, the cemeteries, In n' Out, Krispy Kreme, and even Serramonte which I thought was hilarious. My favorite freeway too was, of course, the 280 ramp. After watching the movie, the director Richard Wong, and writer/actor H.P. Mendoza stayed for a little Q&A. Read an article about the movie from SF Chronicle. Anyway, check out the trailer for the movie -

Oh btw, we also saw Ratatouille today. It was cool. I love Pixar movies!


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