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Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Weekend at the Grand Prix

If you plan to go to the Grand Prix next year, I only have two words - ear plugs. The cars were driving so fast that the engines were so loud and can be defeaning. This was our first Grand Prix ever, although we already lived in SJ when the first Grand Prix happened. After church, we walked towards Sonoma to have a quick lunch (by the way, I tasted the best dessert I ever had so far, an amaretto ice cream cake with cherries, whip cream and strawberries on the side). Then we walked to buy tickets by the park (while walking towards the Grand Prix venue, we saw a poster of free concerts in the park, and found out that Mandy Moore is going to be in SJ for a free concert on August 16).

Tickets were expensive. I don't think it was worth it since I wasn't a race car enthusiast, so this would probably be my last Grand Prix, unless a great band will be playing in the event. You have to pay more than $100 if you want reserved seats. We did have General Admission tix so we were able to walk around and enjoy the exhibits and booths, and watch the Grand Prix through a fence like 90% of the people there. Al and I bought some shirts and caps since it was sooo hot! Argh! I hated not having sunscreen, but I liked the shirt that Al bought for me. We actually matched! I think this was the only time Al and I wore the same shirt together. It was kewl.

Anyway, we left earlier before the event ended just because I couldn't stand the heat. Afterwards, we decided to shop at Fry's Electronics. We originally planned to window shop, but we ended up buying a few items, hehe. I also bought a birthday gift for my brother (I hope he doesn't have it yet - yeah I ain't telling). Anyway, check out our Grand Prix pics below -


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