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Friday, July 06, 2007

Shoegazers of the World Unite

I just found out that I am a shoegazer. I saw this term when I was reading an update of my brother's Friendster profile (yes, pardon my ignorance). All this time I considered myself more indie since I haven't heard of the shoegazing term (well actually, I do like everything considered indie, including film). Then there's shoegazers, which I considered as indie music in the 90's, post-modern rock or modern rock then. Shoegazing defines the Slowdive and Chapterhouse fanatics. And those that appreciate Catherine Wheel and Pale Saints. Maybe I should change my heading to reflect shoegazing instead of indie, although the latter might be more accurate.

Anyway, the 4th of July just passed and I forgot to blog about it. So what did we do that day? We went to my dad's in Valley-Joe for barbeque and family quality time. Al and I brought the Wii so the whole family played. Jeff and Al pretty much cooked the bbq, but our little niece Camila was busy playing in the backyard of the house. The backyard had a little playground with a slide, swings, a mini house with a picnic bench and table at the bottom, a telescope, and a slide.


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