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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Love is in the Air

I'm not sure about this year, but it seems people are finding new love everywhere. My little sis just got a new boyfriend, and so did my other cousin. People around me have been extra nice as well. And together with summer love comes romantic getaways. Al and I are planning a trip on the California Coast just because for the heck of it. Thanks to tips of my friend Anne, we decided to go Solvang and Cambria. I always wanted to go Pismo Beach and Hearst Castle and finally we are going! Then we are staying at San Luis Obispo. The plan is to do some sightseeing, wine tasting and shopping. I'll update you on the details as soon as we comeback from our little vacation.

So what else has been brewing in our lives lately? Not sure if I have talked about a sorta new job I got lately. It's sorta new because I worked there not too long ago, but the terms are better. Let's just say it's a six-digit that convinced me to go back, plus the lure of working at home. And of course the people and learning experience! I love that company! And I am so forever grateful to them for having me back.

Also, since I'm back at work and in the office on certain days, I've been frequenting my fave joint at lunchtime - Original Buffalo Wings. Since my friend is now working closer to me, we have been meeting up for lunch, and twice at that place. Yum!

Last weekend, Al and I went out with my friend Mo for a birthday dinner treat. Originally we were gonna meet up for Sonoma Chicken Coop, but she suggested Britannia Arms in downtown SJ. Al loves it coz it had many plasma screens with sports on. It's probably his favorite place now, hahaha. Anyway, afterwards, we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I only have one comment - Harry Potter is so grown up now. Sunday, I had a meeting with a client in Dublin, and afterwards, Al and I picked up Camila to see Ratatouille (yes, we saw it again for her). She didn't like the movie (we did though) so we left during the middle parts of the movie, and played at Chuck n' Cheese instead. Ah kids! What touched me and Al was when we left that night, she cried so loud because she wanted to go with us! That really broke my heart. I sooo miss Camila!


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