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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today's the Big Day

Not for us, but my friend Anne and Dave. Yep, it's their wedding day today, the lucky 777. Today is a once-in-a-lifetime occurence, and a date that is easily remembered. Check out this article on what the triple seven numbers may mean to some people.

Anyway, we just had rehearsals yesterday at their church, and a dinner at Uncle Chong's in Fremont. I think I know what I'm supposed to do (I'm the bridesmaid proxy for Anne's sis who couldn't make it from the Philippines), but I just hope I don't trip on the carpet, teehee. Al and I planned a day of grooming before the wedding ceremony, and then it's party time! I'll update you on the event tomorrow. Congrats to Anne and Dave!

UPDATE - The wedding is officially over! It was a lovely ceremony at church, with the bride so beautiful in her gown. Al and I thought we were gonna be late (we were rushing from the salon to our house to the church). Believe it or not, I was annoyed at the salon because they took so long to prep me (btw, I had my nails done, but not a french manicure - just a simple gray polish to match with the french blue motif and my chrome bag and sandals, hehe). I hated the make-up and the hair, although they did the curl right. I just fixed up my hair - at first they did a zig-zaggy divide - yuckkk! Then I toned down my make-up (I told them natural and light, and they made me look like a drag queen with pink lipstick, haha). So I fixed it up too. Al looked more stunning than me with his barong (I kept teasing him that he's kagalang-galang). We were so in a hurry that I totally forgot to wear my earrings and necklace!

The church had tall wooden ceilings and blue carpet that matched the motif. They had two wonderful singers that brought some life to the ceremony. One of the singers sang Ikaw Lamang, a song that Al and I sing a lot on the magic mic as a duet (aside from Separate Lives, haha). I felt a little nervous tripping because my heels were too high and we were stepping on carpet. But my escort was very courteous. Another obstacle was standing on the steps. Y'all know I'm a big girl, and the steps wasn't enough space for me, so I was getting nervous too. Plus my shoe strap was falling off and getting lose. Yikes! And then the pastor forgot to cue my unity candle part, but the couple knew to lit the candle anyway. While Anne was walking down the aisle, she looked so radiant and happy - and of course so beautiful. They make a wonderful couple.

We got to the reception place a little early, after going hom to get some flip-flops for my feet. It was nicely decorated (good job Jocelyn). Al and I helped out with reception duties until the designated people come along. Al did a good job, I think he did more tasks than me. We was also the runner for a forgotten garter, so he drove quickly to Michael's before that part of the event started. The food was good! I really appreciate a slice of prime rib. And with jazmin rice! Kewl! I can eat my rice. They also had fish, chicken and pork I think. I love the chocolate mousse and the fish. I wanted to get more, but I was kinda shy to go back. But anyhoo, I was full! The cake was simple and nice. The decorations were a nice blue (btw, blue is my fave color especially baby colors). The programs were awesome (I love their black and white pictures in the front of the program). And most importantly, it was a fun night! I missed all the funk music playing because I was in the lobby being interviewed for their video, but as soon as I was done, I danced. Oh they had that electric slide I liked. Hahaha! Here's our pic with the lovely couple -


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