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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sum Exciting Bay Area News

Finally something exciting to talk about in the Bay Area. Barry finally hits No. 756 at AT&T Park. Good thing he was in SF at the time when it happened, but I do wonder how people would react if he were in another state. He finally beat Hank Aaron's record. What a feat! Because Hank held the top spot for 33 years I believe. Now Barry is referred to as the new 'King of Swing'...

Another exciting news, the new iMacs have been released and it looks awesome! Thinner monitor and keyboards with an iPhone-like interface. I want one! And if I have one, I'm going to take full advantage of the new version of the iLife software. Wish I stayed at Mansanas because there is a lot going on over there. Al cracks up when I surf the site and look at the pages I created. Funny. I still keep in touch with some colleagues there though. Hey, that's why there's so add me!

Speaking of old employers, another Bay Area company founded in SF and my former employer not too long ago, Pagitan Inc, is in the news as well. The founder is thinking of building a museum in Presidio to house his art collection. I've seen some of the art in the building's gallery that showcases Warhol and Calder. That will be a nice addition to the Presidio. The founder is also an officer on SFMOMA's board of trustees (that explains my free ticket admissions then).

Oh and there's Virgin America in SFO. Ya betcha I'm taking advantage of their offers. I actually signed up for Elevate already, hehe. They have this promo where you can win a flight from NYC to SFO and have Richard Branson and Cold War Kids in the flight as well! That's just coolio! I just wish Al can take off any time though. But man the fares are cheap! And other airlines are cashing in, so they're lowering their flights as well. Perfect time to travel, especially now that summer's almost over. Did you know their first class seats have massagers, 9" seats and plugs in every seat? Deng!


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