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Friday, August 03, 2007

A Belated Birthday Celebration

So it's a day after Al's birthday. We waited until today to go out because his actual birthday was on a weekday aka work day. Since today is Friday, I planned a little date for us, although it wasn't the way I planned it since I didn't get the food I wanted. Anyhoo, I planned to have a picnic in the park while watching an outdoor movie. They have these free outdoor movies at St James Park, and I brought a blanket so we can sit on the grass while watcing a movie. I also wanted to but buffalo wings and some chips and salad, but I forgot that I was working at home today, and the buffalo wings place was almost an hour away. Bummer. But it turned out really relaxing and romantic, because we both lied down on the grass, watched the movie, and people were just cozy with their own food and blankets, and some even brought their chairs. We really enjoyed the movie and the event, and we're thinking of doing it again, this time wearing more thicker jackets.

Before the movie, we made an impromptu visit at the Santa Clara County Fair just to check it out since we were out already. We paid $8 for parking and $8 for the entrance for rides and games that you can go to for free at the malls when they have rides set up. I dunno why I didn't like the fair, but it was boring to me, with kiddie go-karts and rock climbing (I thought they had some for adults), and the highlight of the day, a concert by Starship. Funny. There was one consolation - people were having fun dancing funk music and salsa at a dance floor beside a stage with a live band playing. It was the only good part because the band was actually cool. Other than that, I don't even think it as worth going there. We just ate, checked out the booths, and played some games. Al played the dart game and won me a little yellow bear, and NBC was there to catch all that. But I guess that will be my last Santa Clara County Fair ever! The parking lots were dusty, the booths were crappy, and the surrounding areas reeked of poop! Too bad because the SCCF had a lot of history behind the event. Check out short clips of the SCCF -


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