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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The iPhone has been hacked!

So Al just told me that he heard of a 17-year old guy (who is just starting college) has hacked the iPhone to be used for T-Mobile. He's been interviewed in newspapers including the Chronicle and CNBC and gained the respect of hackers everywhere attemping to do the same thing. Anyway, he has documented his quest on his blog - - if you're curious. Oh and guess what, I think his father is proud, haha!

Anyway, I just finished 3 postcard designs for my nephew's birthday and christening invites. I still need approval from the mom (my cuz) who's in LA before printing it. But hopefully she likes, or else I'll just shop for cards in the store, hehe. I can't believe my soon-to-be godchild is turning 1! Time flies so quickly.

Speaking of time flying, today was my younger bro's bday and yesterday he celebrated it with a barbeque. We got there late mainly because Al got off work later, but we pretty much just played the wii. Yep, he's another year older, and that makes me even older!


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