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Friday, August 17, 2007

Mandy Moore Free Concert

I left work early since I wasn't feeling too well still and they had happy hour anyway. But when I got home, my sister was bored so I took her to the free Mandy Moore concert in San Jose. We thought it was going to start at 7 pm, but two band actually opened first, The District and Miggs. I like the former better, and Pia actually thought that she rocked! Anyway, we didn't expect a lot of people but the turn out was surprisingly huge! I think they were serving free drinks around the park in little booths. Al and Mickey followed and made it before Mandy Moore cam eon stage. When Mandy Moore came out, the crowd went wild. Her style of singing changed with a more mature sound (sounds like her new songs are therapeutic from her break-up from Zach Braff, hehe). She even cried while singing one of her new songs. The highlight of the day was when Pia decided to climb a tree next to us to get a better view. It was such a gutsy move that I was impressed. Much respect sis! After the show, we hung out and ate a hearty dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop which is just close by.


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