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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Blog Title and Header

Yeah, coz I got tired of the old one. I had my old title 'Mod World of Indie Cindy' just around the same time that indie bands were having a strong comeback. But now, I think the name is kinda too cocky for me since I'm getting older, and I'm not in the scene anymore, so to speak. The word 'Mod' is still there, but more like referring to tech instead of the mod 60's culture, since I work in the tech field. So check out my new title 'The Mod Think Tank - Life and Times of an Aging Shoegazer'... I think this is more appropriate, of course with references to my fave band Blur (Think Tank was an album), and the genre of shoegaze music which I *heart* and best describes the music I was listening to when I was growing up. The design is just simple, just a banner which was my old wedding banner (coz I didn't have time to design at the moment). Hopefully, I'll have more bandwidth to change the whole layout in the future (or maybe not).

Also, I have an exciting addition to my blog. Check out the new Video Archive section on my right sidebar utilizing an AJAX API. I think it's awesome, although I still have to make some tweaks to it.


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