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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Our Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Can you imagine we've been married for this long? And I can't believe we've been together for 12 years and 4 months? My goodness. It doesn't even seem that long, but I must admit, I am already noticing us age over the years. So what did we do today on our anniversary? Nothing special really, although the night did prove to be special and sort of magical even though we didn't plan it to be. I guess we've been together for so long that what matters is that we're together on this special day. We did go to our favorite place Sonoma Chicken Coop, hoping that their linguini with clam sauce (a sort of tutti di mare but better) is still in their specials menu. And it certainly was, until when, I dunno. This made me happy, as if I was intended to have that entree. Al had some lasagna and calamari, and we both drank a raspberry ice tea, not alcohol folks! Check out a pic I took of Al at Sonoma (sorry, I'm just using my lo-res cell cam for this since my digicam needs some batteries) -

The best part was the dessert, with a chocolate layer cake with a raspberry sauce around it, strawberries, raspberries, whip cream and my fave part, a gelato on the side with cherries on top. It was nice to hang out patio style, relaxing at the restaurant with outdoor heaters on low. It is getting a bit breezy for summer, but perfect for a night out. We strolled by the tree-lined and well-lit San Pedro Square and we forgot that there was an outdoor movie on Wednesdays. They showed a couple of short films, directors talked about their shorts, and then they showed the main feature movie, Rocky. We didn't stay long and decided to go home. On our way home, we saw fireworks high above the dark skies. It was beautiful, and I was watching it until we made our last exit home. I still keep wondering where the fireworks were coming from. Al's initial hunch was from Great America, but it seems closer to the south than originally thought. I'm gonna do some more research, but the touch of fireworks in the sky made this anniversary night a special one to remember. Below is a lo-res cell pic of the outdoor movies (we're going again this Friday to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but this time in the park, and I'm doing it picnic style for Al's birthday) -

UPDATE - I found out that the fireworks were from the first day opening of the Santa Clara County Fair. No wonder it seemed so close to our place. Cool!


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