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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pia's San Francisco Summer Weekend

Last night, Pia slept over at my younger brother's house to spend time with him and his family. I woke up early in the morning to drive there coz the plan is to go to the mall in San Francisco. Our first stop was a Thai place on Powell next to one of our fave steak joints, Tad's. After lunch, we split up. Pia, Camila and myself went to Metreon, while the rest of the gang went shopping in Union Square. We walked a few blocks to get there and found out that the 'wild things' playground for kids at the top of the Metreon has been gone for three years now, and the arcade was closed down three months ago. So we decided to go to Yerba Buena Gardens, passed by underneth the falls, saw a Mardi Gras type dacing celebration, and finally reached our destination - the historic Charles Looff carousel from 1906. Camila loved the ride that she went twice.

We also checked out Zeum and played puppet theater with Camila, bought her an alien thumb toy at the Zeum store, and played in the playground with lots of kids running around. Then we checked out the ice skating rink and bowling alley although we didn't play (skating rink was closed and won't open until 9 pm), and then we shopped for Pia's flip-flops at Old Navy. We also went to the Apple store to check out the iPhone and hung out at Virgin Megastore. Pia bought a Transformers shirt, while I bought a Simpson's Duff Beer dice game. Jep and Abs met up with us at the cafe on top of the store that overlooks Market, and then reunited with the rest of the gang in Westfield mall. We did a little bit more shopping, Pi played the DDR, Al and Mickey followed after work, and then we decided to eat dinner at Toppings in Daly City.

The next day, we went to church at 8:30 am because we had a full-day ahead of us. After church, we ate at IHOP in Santa Clara and Al passed by the 49ers office to show it to Mickey. We then proceeded to Great America where we were going to meet Jep and familia. Al wanted to do the Extreme Skyflyer so he took Mickey along for the ride. It was their first time and they were nervous at first, but they did it! It was probably the most difficult feat that both has ever done. We rode the White Water Falls and he got wet coz they wanted to be in front (ya know with me, the splash gets bigger, hehe). We also rode the Drop Zone (I've ridden most rides before but I never remember how they were). It reminded me of not doing it again, haha!

We also dressed up for swimming. Camila was playing with fountains so we played with her. The funny part was when Mickey got stuck in the locker room while changing. They had to call a lot of security to help him out. That was a trip! They thought he was 9 and when they finally got him out, we said 'No pictures please, I'm fine' and everyone started laughing. Anyway, they went on several rides, but I like the lazy river ride and we went three times I think. The lifeguards are so strict and cranky that it spoiled our fun, but we understand why (it had to do with why the wave pool is closed). For our final rides, we went on bumper cars and Al and Pia went on the Top Gun ride (old ride, but nevertheless thrilling). Oh and Pia won a Winnie the Pooh stuff toy! At night we went magic mic's at my bro's house. Here's a video of their ride -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had so much fun, especially when i rode the extreme skyflyer. It was awesome. You should do it next time. Love you.

7:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh!! i had SO much fun atehh!!! i never got a chance to thank you guys for letting me have so much fun! but still, it's so good to be home ahaha.

COOL! i took that picture! haha. u forgot to mention that i accidentally left that winnie the pooh at camila's... and she's probally got him on display now lol.

wow! looking back at the past 2 weeks, we did ALOT! haha. i havent done so many things in a whole week with you guys before! this will definately a vaca. i'll NEVER forget.

....bumper boats ROCKED! & i haven't been so concentrated on golf before! i never knew how much fun it could beeee!

could u send me the link to all the pix? :D

HEY u didn't put the PHO' KING // FU KEE pic up hahahaha

virtual hugs n kisses from meee!! 9since i didnt get to hug ya bye bye. :]
love yahh! - your ATE pipi XP lol

8:54 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

i had fun too! i miss ya already pia! :) as for the retaurant pics, i don't think i can post it on mi blog, but it sure it hilarious! those retaurant owners probably named their places as such on purpose!

9:35 AM


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