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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer's Little Guilty Pleasures

There's really nothing worthwhile to watch on TV nowadays in my opinion, so in our constant channel surfing, Al and I started to check out the shows on the Disney channel. We rarely watch shows on that channel anymore, so when we came across the show Hannah Montana, we tried watching an episode. And guess what? We got hooked! It so happened that they were showing a couple of shows that day (sort of a mini-marathon), and since we had different Disney channels, some were showing Hannah Montana at other times, so we checked them out as well. So imagine us in bed just watching the show for hours! Miley Cyrus is really talented as Hannah that we were just drawn to her. Just how I like Amanda Bynes, I was starting to like Miley (she has a southern accent btw).

And in watching, we discovered that Miley is actually Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter. And he is also in the show with a different look! I know this must be old news since the show has been running for a long time, but I found out just recently. He is actually funny! I only remember him with his electric slide song 'Achy Breaky Heart' and his signature mullet, and in one episode, he actually pokes fun at himself! Thank goodness he got rid of that mullet!

Speaking of electric slides, I was also talking to a friend recently, and another of our guilty pleasures is the Cha Cha Slide by Casper. Yep, ya read it right! We like this electric slide dance coz we think it's fun! And it reminds us of our wedding dance, when Al's cousin played it. Everybody danced to it and the dance floor was packed. What amazed me is that it was the first time I heard it, and everybody seemed to know how to dance it! I found out that the CD was actually from a friend of mine who brought it at the wedding, and Al's cousin who's also the DJ played it (and made a copy of it as well so he says). I heard the song again at another friend's wedding not too long ago. Anyhoo, we didn't know some of the dance steps, so my friend and I were researching it by watching people do it on YouTube. So at night, Al and I were trying it out and I guess now we know how to do the Charlie Brown, hahaha.

And since I already mentioned Billy Ray Cyrus, his other kid, Trace is in this awesome band called Metro Station (my brother told me about this band). Trace is older then Miley 'Hannah Montana' Cyrus. Who would have thought that Billy Ray Cyrus' kid's would turn out to be so cool? The lead singer of the band is Mason Musso, who is also an older brother to one of the actors in the show (Hannah's best friend), Mitchel Musso. The drummer is also a friend of my brother's and former drummer of Julie Plug (first album). Check out their catchy song 'Kelsey' on my right side bar - I love it!


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