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Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Weekend at the Tech Museum

Al and I were bored today so we decided to go to the Tech Museum in SJ to check it out - finally! We always pass by it, but we never really explored it. We heard about the awesome IMAX theater so we wanted to check it out. They were showing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Too bad we saw the movie already, and we missed the other movie which had its final run for the day, so we opted to skip the IMAX and come back there another day. I thought the museum was for kids, but when we went in, we found out that it was also a playground for adults to explore as well. Wish we had kids with us though. It can definitely influence a kid on what they want to do in the future. I also learned a lot.

Our favorite part was the virtual design section, where you can get a 3D composite of yourself. We also did a simulation of the Loma Prieta earthquake magnitude, played with computer animated puppet animals and put our face in it, answered trivia questions, watched short educational clips, watched a show to learn about wizardry, played samba music, played with shadows, rode a bobsled, operated using an endoscope, made a speech, got our thermoscans, rode segways, etc. Check out a photo of Al riding a segway -

Afterwards, we were in an exploring mood, so we drove around South SJ to discover the backroads. And we finally found the lake we were looking for! First we saw Coyote Ranch by accident, and signs also led us to Parkway Lake. A lot of people were in boats and fishing. Then Al drove the other direction to reach an elevated peak which ended up to be an IBM campus which I didn't know about. It was also a nice drive up the hills with a lovely view of Silicon Valley. There are also a lot of picnic areas and hiking trails. It was also a perfect spot to view the sunset. Then Al drove down and we checked out the Santa Teresa Golf Course so Al inquired because he always wanted to do the driving range. We drove up to the banquet facility, and it had a nice view of the golf course. A lot of people were playing golf too (but I didn't see any women, hehe). Then we finally called it a day.


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