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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We've Been Simpsonized!

I was bored, plus I've been seeing a lot of Simpsons avatars lately, so I thought of making one myself. You can get your Simpsonized selves at the Official Simpsons movie website. Check out our new characters -

Btw, we were just watching Dateline and there is a site dedicated to centralize lost and found items (consider it an online lost and found). The site is called and . Anyway, they featured lost iPods (God knows how many times I lost mine). I hope this can track down one of my old ones with my name engraved on it. It was stolen when someone broke into my car while we were watching a Bloc Party concert years ago. I am curious to see where it is now (I just hope its not in the dumpster somewhere in SF). As for my video iPod, It's probably still around my neighborhood since I probably dropped it around here.

also, if your curious about the bay weather, it's been very very hot over the weekend, but the ast days have been breezy. The weather is getting nicer and nicer as fall approaches. For now, let's try to enjoy the warm summer sun!


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