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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ahhh, the horrible VMA show

Go figure! Why do I even bother watching it? Maybe coz I take pleasure in MTVs sucky existence, and maybe, just maybe, I was hoping for the edginess to come back. Here are the the shows lowest points -

1. Britney - need I say more? She looked stoned and unprepared. And she looked trashy. The costume didn't fit her, her dancing is lackluster, the hair is a mess, and her lip-synching is so bad. And MTV seemed to take advantage of her embarassing situation by doing close-ups of other artists reactions. Just makes me hate MTV even more.

2. Fall-Out Boy's mike was not working. Just goes to show how disorganized and unprofessional MTV is.

3. Dr. Dre is huge! Is he on steroids or something?

4. Jaime Foxx's arrogant self. Didn't even let Jen Garner speak.

5. Really bad presentor write-ups. Who writes that shit?

6. Sarah Silverman is officially the worse host ever! Who talks shit about people's babies? How tackless!

7. Someone does a shitty cover of Morrissey. Who was that?

8. Oh a highlight - Justin Timberlake challenges MTV to show more videos. Finally someone with guts to speak out! And then they showed an ad of a reality show when they cut to commercial, hahaha!

9. Stupid categories - monster track. most earth-shattering collab, and triple threat awards? Whadda?!?

10. Pam Anderson disses Kanye.

11. And Kid Rock hits Tommy Lee during Alicia Key's performance. Har har, so juvenile.

Anyway, to top my frustration, I'm not feeling very well either. My asthma is worsening. I think it's because of the recent lick fire (forest fire) that's happening which made the Bay Area's air quality so bad (and we're the city right next to the fire). Bad air quality even reached the central valley and even SF. Skies were hazy (when you go out, it's quite dim and it seems that there's fog everywhere - or it looked more like smog).

But enough of bad news. Here's some good news - Heroes has a new season coming up soon! Am excited to see that. I heard that there is a new cast member. I recently had a nice lunch at Cafe Borrone with my friend Anne. Nice ambiance btw. Since I wasn't feeling well, I had some freshly squuzed orange juice, and a delicious chicken salad sandwich. I also got invited to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk so am excited about that too. I haven't been there for a while. I also had some time uploading some old pics dating back in the 90's. If you find it, don't laugh. if you wanna see it, contact me. I'm just glad some pics are online now so I can share it easily with old friends.


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