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Friday, September 14, 2007

Al Won The Bravery Tix!

He never wins anything (except in casinos, hehe). We've seen the band before, but now they're back on tour promoting their latest album, I think. I wasn't feeling too well because of my asthma, but before the concert, we paid our friend Dong a visit and ate dinner at his place since his dad cooked his specialty, egg foo yong (is that how you spell it?) with adobong pusit on the side. Yummy! Anyway, dinner was excellent and our friend offered to drop us off at the BART station in Balboa while we park our car in his house in SF. Once we reached the Warfield, Al got his tix at will call. We were in front, but we missed the opening band, Scissors for Lefty, the reason we went in the first place. I put some earplugs on (I ain't getting any younger, and am scared of losing my hearing). The concert wasn't packed but we weren't surprised. They did have a recent gig at Popscene, so maybe a lot of people watched them over there. And they've had several concerts in the Bay Area already. I took sum videos, but I got tapped at the back by a bouncer who told me to stop taking videos. That really spoiled my fun, and since I wasn't in a good mood already (but I did have fun at first until the bouncer event), I suggested to Al to leave early. Apparently, he was feeling the same way. The band's okay and did remind me of a cleaned up version of The Cure, haha! Songs were catchy though. Anyway, we left before the concert ended, and called up my friend to pick us up at the BART station in DC. Check out my video (before I got a tap on my back, haha) -


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