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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Congratulations to the Duttons!

Today we went to a former co-worker's wedding at Sunol Valley Golf Club. We thought it was going to rain because there were some showers yesterday, and we were nervous for Arlene. Anyhoo, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, and it was perfect for the awesome views of the golf course. The couple had a lovely ceremony, and the reception was fun and beautifully decorated. I really loved the lights and flowers. I also loved the color she picked for her motif. My favorite part was her polynesian dance performance to her hubby. It was so romantic and I can feel her love for him. It almost made me cry. Who would have thought a dance like that would emanate much emotion? And deng, she can move! That was the first time I saw her dance and it was beautiful! Most of all, she was beautiful. Her hubby is so lucky to have her, not only is she physically beautiful, she is also beautiful inside (and add much talent to the list). She is one of the nicest and kindest people I know. And one of the smartest ones too! Anyway, I had fun seeing my old co-workers again who moved to different companies. Too bad some of them couldn't make it 'coz I was looking forward to seeing them too. The cake was nice and delish, and it was also open bar! The food was really good too with a salad and three entrees. Before that they had delish hors d'ouvres. I was too full! Luv the favors as well. I can really use the basket (oh and I ate the cookies already, hehe). I got the beautiful centerpiece too. Thanks Arlene! And congratulations to the both of you!


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