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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Day at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Argh I can't believe it! I was waiting for this day, and then I had a medical emergency at 3 in the morning! My asthma had gotten worse, but when I ran out of my inhaler and I couldn't breath, I panicked! Al rushed me to the hospital and right away they took me in and gave me a breathing treatment. My heart rate was high too. Scary, but at least now I can breath better (well sort of).

So we had a late start. We went to church late, and then went back home to get our stuff - extra clothes in case we swim on the beach, flip-flops, blankets, etc. SCBB is only 20 to 30 minutes from our place on Highway 17. We were supposed to meet Anne and her hubby Dave, but we just missed them since we got there later. We missed the company picnic, but we still have the free parking and unlimited rides. Woo hoo! We just ate a quick lunch at the Fish n' Chips store (they have Four Monks, yey) by the arcades and near the Beach Deck.

After eating, we strolled along outdoor arcades and contemplated on entering the Fright House (or I'm not sure what its called). When I read a warning to those with heart conditions, I hesitated and Al said no. Then we went to the Sky Glider (ski-lift ride) to go across. I used to love this ride, but it was scary this time around. I did take awesome aerial shots though. We also rode the Cave Train Adventure which I rode before, but it's a kiddie ride really, nothing too exciting, just a little bit entertaining. Al dared me to go ride the ferris wheel with him mainly because we never rode one together before. Another reason was I've been avoiding this ride forever mainly because it's a common ride and I've ridden this several times before, just not at SCBB. I'm glad I did because I got good aerial shots too overlooking the beach. We also explored other rides such as the Space Bumps and the Wipe Out ride but decided not to ride them. Al wanted the Free Fall but it's a kiddie ride as well. He did manage to survive the Cyclone. I would get dizzy with that ride. And he rode the Crazy Surf, and I was laughing coz he was the only adult, haha!

After getting our free ride fix, Al convinced me to check out a lighthouse from a distance. We drove towards where we thought the lighthouse would be and discovered a Santa Cruz Harbor with bay view restaurants, yatchs, and the path to Seabright State Beach that leads to the Walton Lighthouse we saw from SCBB. We did a short hike, took pictures and watched the sunset. We intended to shop around the downtown area, but skipped that since it was getting dark. Afterwards, we drove back home, stopping by Sonoma Chicken Coop to get some food to go while watching the Emmy awards show.


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