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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dinner at Francis Ford Coppola's

Not at his house, but at his restaurant, Cafe Rosso & Bianco, on University Avenue in Palo Alto. My friend Anne and I were going to meet up so I can give her my old Kensington laptop bag which I used to lock up my notary stuff when I used to be notary public. My commission ended last May 2007, while hers just started so I thought she can put it to use. Anyway, we met after work, and decided to eat dinner there for the first time.

I was expecting a more upscale curb appeal, but it was actually very simple and elegant. Inside had a more upscale but cozy ambiance. They gave us a choice to eat indoors or outdoors and since it's gettin breezy, we chose indoors. Every Thursday they have wine tasting, but since we were driving and I have low tolerance, I decided not to drink. We both ordered some calamari fritti for appetizers, and our own pasta dishes. I think I ordered bucatini but I forgot what sauce it had, maybe a Bucatini alla Trapanese? Anyway, I liked their bread and I liked my food. I would definitely bring Al there again, and maybe I'll buy some wine as well. I talked to the people giving the wine tastings (I forgot which wine they were representing) and they gave me directions to their winery, as well as Francis Ford Coppola's winery. We passed by before, but we couldn't find it. Now I know why. I think we did pass by it, but we were looking for the wrong name - we were looking for Francis Ford Coppola Winery when we should be looking for Rosso & Bianco, which we did see. Doh! Anyway, check out a pic of Anne inside the restaurant -

Anne at Rosso & Bianco


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