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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Driving the San Mateo Coast

We were bored today so Al and I set forth to check out the small town of Woodside in a quest to look for Buck's Restaurant. This is where a lot of CEOs live and where you can ride your horse all around town. We drove into the woods to see huge mansions and ranches, until we reached a summit where another isolated mini town resides with wine stores with wine tasting, and deli cafes. We drove along Skyline Blvd and found a small picnic area with a spectacular scenic view of the woods. As we drove further, we saw isolated and private fine dining restaurants such as Mountain House and Bella Vista which I never thought existed before. We reach 92 to reach Half Moon Bay, passing by Christmas tree farms, pumkin patch farms, and others. We also checked out Downtown half Moon Bay with lots of interesting boutique stores. Nice area btw. After driving along beaches and seafood stores, we finally reached the Ritz Carlton, a five-star hotel with beautiful views of the bay. After checking it out, we drove south to San Gregorio beaches, but didn't stop because they were charging for parking. We drove further to reach Pescadero beaches and stopped to look at elephant seal resting on rocks near the beach. It was an awesome sight, with pelicans on the water, and birds fying around. We were also next to Pescadero Creek, where the ocean water flows into a small creek.

Afterwards, we decided to go home driving through Pescadero Road. We didn't have GPS and directions, so we were guessing that we would make it to our place. But we drove through a forest which was scary since there was no one in sight. We passed by towns of Loma Mar and La Honda, but the forest confused us. We reached a mountain peak thinking we were almost there, but discovered that there were more mountains to cross. I panicked, but Al assured me that we're okay. Our gas tank was full, but we had no cell signal and the area was isolated and dark since there were so many trees even if it was still daytime. Al kept driving anyway, reaching Alpine Road, and then he reached a fork which lead to where we were in the first place - Woodside. This relieved us since it's a familiar road, and from there, we knew where to go. Phew! but it was a fun adventure nevertheless. Check out our video here -


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