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Monday, September 24, 2007

In an Updating Mood Lately

Hmmm, I dunno why I've been in an update mood lately. Maybe coz I've been stuck at home today because Al is sick. Poor Al. He rarely gets sick by the way, but today he has a fever and he's been resting. We just went to church, paid mortgage, and then went back home so he can rest some more. And yesterday we missed a baby shower party (sorry Jen) because we figured Al is so sick that he might just infect the pregnant mom and baby and we didn't want to risk it. But he did go with me to meet with two clients to work on a recently launched redesign, and to show another client to maintain their site. It was nice getting reconnected again with them because I haven't seen the clients for a while, plus I met new connections, saw old friends, and hung out at an old fave spot of mine. The meeting were very productive that it prompted me to do many updates. At night, we met up with an old friend to eat a late dinner at Boulevard Cafe in Daly City. It was our first time there (it replaced the old Lyon's restaurant by Westlake), and surprisingly, the food was good.

I also felt like updating my portfolio site (just added some sites I worked on, but I didn't redesign my portfolio). Yes, my portfolio is dated, but I think it's still okay. If I have more bandwidth then maybe I'll redesign it (yep, I know, I know, I keep saying this). Anyway, am getting so tired. I've been sleeping late everyday, and I think I'm gonna crash soon. Zzzz.


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