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Friday, September 21, 2007

Music Station Sidebar Alert

I couldn't sleep, I dunno why. Maybe coz I woke up a little late earlier today, or maybe simly because it's a weekend and I can stay up late, hehe. Anyway, I am in such a good mood today. I've finished some work that doesn't have to be done until next week. I've also tackled some pending freelance stuff such as adding new voice demos here, and launching a slightly new redesigned site. Am meeting with two other clients tomorrow to tackle more projects.

I also did my first ube halaya today, yey! And Al loved it! I liked it too, and I'm my worst critic, hehe. I also cooked some chicken and shrimp lumpia for dinner, with a side of cream of asparagus soup. I also did some tweaks on our old wedding site (some coding issues I didn't notice before mainly because I was so busy at the time). I am also knocking out some video projects I have been pushing back to do for a while, so I'm happy about actually finishing them.

To celebrate my productivity, and also as a break, I indulged myself with newly uploaded music on my radio blog on the right sidebar. Check out songs from Ingrid Michaelson (awesome voice and lovely song, as featured in the new Old Navy commercial) and Feist's 1234 as seen in the new iPod Nano commercial (man, I do want the new iPod touch). I feel relaxed now after listening to their voices.


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