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Friday, October 26, 2007

Volunteering at Glide Memorial

Today is Al's day off and he didn't want to bother me while I'm working at home, so he decided to be productive and do something worth while - he volunteered for Glide Memorial in San Francisco. For those who don't know what Glide is, it's a place of refuge for those who are homeless and hungry. It can also be a refuge of faith, with Cecil Williams running the place (but I think he retired as a pastor already). It is also the venue for Will Smith's character in the movie Pursuit of Happyness. You can read more about Glide here.

Anyway, we always wanted to volunteer there on Thanksgiving but we never got to do it since they're always booked with many volunteers that day. So Al decided to do it today instead since he's off (I couldn't since I was working and sick too). But as soon as he went home, all he kept telling me was that he felt really good.

Speaking of volunteering, Al and I just watched the movie World Trade Center with Nicolas Cage on Dish (they have a free preview of Showtime, woohoo!) I didn't really realize the massive devastation until I saw the movie. I guess sometimes we take things for granted when were not in a bad situation. But if I realized this early on, I wish I could've volunteered or done something to help out. That movie got me so depressed that I think I was crying throughout the whole movie.

But I was happy about one thing - I didn't know I have a Flickr Pro account. I guess if you were a Yahoo! Photos customer before, they will give you a Flickr Pro account since Yahoo! Photos is closing down. I didn't migrate my stuff at Flickr before because I know you have to pay for a Pro account and the free service is limited to 200 photos which isn't much. So I migrated everything to Kodak Gallery. But now I might utilize Flickr (I thought they have a great application for photos anyway). Add me if you have a Flickr account!


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